Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Snow, snow, snow, and more snow

This past weekend saw a huge winter storm pass through the area, dumping a total of 52cm (about 20.5 inches) of snow on the city. So far, we've had over 400cm of snow (over 13 feet!), the second highest total for Ottawa on record. The snow has narrowed streets, many to just a single lane, collapsed roofs, and caused regular havoc during the many storms.

Despite all of that, I enjoy snow in winter -- it's great to have cold and snow, rather than freezing rain and ice. As a result of all the snow, it's been a better than normal winter for photography, at least for me. The number of storms has led to many days without the sun, but even then, I have taken the challenge of looking for photographs in the dull light of overcast days. The photograph at the top is one example -- a photograph I took during a break in the storm on the weekend. It's not a prize winner, but it really symbolizes the stark beauty of a city in winter.

. . . Rob Williams

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Subtle Colour

I have always enjoyed strong colour in my photographs. Last weekend provided a clear, cold morning for my photographic outing, and I went out intent on photographing hoarfrost on the trees and shrubs with deep blue skies and strong sun. Sure enough, the cold temperature had done the trick, and the frost was thick on the trees in the area. I pulled off the road at one spot to photograph some bushes with thick frost lit with the early sun, and when I was done, I crossed the road to a stand of trees in the shade. The colour was much more subtle, but the contrast in colours between the tree trunks and the frost, and the pattern of lines formed by the branches was stunning. This photograph was the result -- a larger version can be found in the 2008 Featured Images page on my website.

. . . Rob Williams