Sunday, August 10, 2014

Keels, Newfoundland

One of the things I love about visiting Newfoundland is the sense of discovery when we visit one of the many outports.  Each outport is unique, and you never know what the particular bay or cove will be like before you get there.

An outport called Keels was one of the best surprises that we had in our visit this year.  Keels is a small outport about 20km south-west of Bonavista, about 30 kms by a twisty, uneven road that deteriorates the further you get from Bonavista.   The land is stark and rocky, but that is what makes the area so striking.

Here are a couple of photographs of Keels.

Storage Building near the Wharf

Looking across the cove

Houses on the Rocks of Keels

. . . Rob Williams