Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blakeney Rapids in Winter

Winter can be very grey -- many days are overcast, with snow on the ground, and forests without leaves.  When the weather clears, it is often very cold, thanks to arctic air moving south.  So, when a bright sunny day comes around with tolerable temperatures, it's great to see some colour return.

The top of Blakeney Rapids in Winter

The Blakeney Rapids are well hidden on the Mississippi River outside of Ottawa (Canada -- not the US).  You can't see them from the highway, or from the local regional roads.  However, if you drive between Pakenham and Arnprior, and turn onto Blakeney Road, you will find a small parking lot where the road crosses the Mississippi River.  Walk down the path a bit, and you will find the rapids.

Pines on the Blakeney Rapids

It's a spectacular place in summer, and just as great in winter.  The path can be quite slippery, and the rocks at the edge can be get covered with ice, so great care is needed.

. . . Rob Williams

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Daily Shoot #ds454: Tell the story of a subject today in a photograph by photographing one specific detail of it.

                                                                            Guitar Strings

The daily shoot topic yesterday was to tell the story of a subject by shooting a specific detail of it.  I decided to use my son's guitar, sitting directly in the sunshine in our kitchen.  I liked the combination of the strings, their shadows and the curves of the sounding hole.  This photograph was shot handheld with my 105mm macro lens.

. . . Rob Williams