Sunday, November 15, 2009

November photography: good, bad or ugly?

After the brilliant colours of October, November gives us a different palate: browns and greys. All the leaves have fallen, and a succession of grey skies, rain, drizzle, and fog leaves the landscape dull and lifeless.

I took a look at my photographs over the past couple of years, and discovered that I have virtually no photographs taken in November. I guess that the flurry of photographs in the fall use up all of my energy, and the dullness of November gives me no inspiration.

One thing I do enjoy is the vast number of shades of brown that are in the fields and forests. With rain and fog, the browns are more intense than when it's dry. Even so, the colours are very subtle, just the opposite of the brilliance of the previous few weeks.

Since I enjoy hiking anyway, I went out this morning after a night of rain. As is often the case, I usually find out it's worth the effort, even if all I get out of it is a good walk. I've included a couple of photographs from this morning's outing.

. . . Rob Williams