Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunacy Defined

1 insanity. 2 wild foolishness : extravagant folly

Supreme Lunacy:
noun 1 Going outside at night in winter, when it's -17° C (1.4° F), standing for over an hour taking photographs of the lunar eclipse.

Despite my attack of lunacy last night, I survived without any frostbite -- just very cold hands. I always enjoy seeing a lunar eclipse, and since this was the last eclipse before December 2010, I wanted to go out and capture some photographs. It's a truly impressive event. At first, you just see a "bite" taken out of the moon, but eventually, the whole moon gets covered. The colour of the moon is striking, and you get a strong feeling of the moon being a sphere, instead of a two-dimensional object in the sky.

This photograph was taken at ASA 800, 1.3 second exposure at f5.6.

. . . Rob Williams