Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring, finally.

Spring is finally here, at least for a while. The massive snow pack is melting, and the rivers are filling up. Fortunately, the snow isn't melting too fast, so the risk of flooding isn't too high around here. The photograph above is from the Hog's Back Falls which is on the Rideau River inside Ottawa's city limits (for other photographs of these falls, see Ottawa is actually in the middle of a fault zone, and Hog's Back is located where a fault line crosses the Rideau River. It's a small but spectacular falls in the summer, and the volume of water in spring is amazing.

This photograph is a combination of a photograph of the water using a slow shutter speed (1/10s), with a photograph with a high shutter speed (1/500s). It combines the smooth lines of the blurred water with the sparkle of the high-speed image.

. . . Rob Williams