Monday, August 4, 2008

Trip to Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick

   Cliffs at Long Eddy Point, Grand Manan Island

I have just returned from a yearly trip to Grand Manan Island in the Bay of Fundy, and I'm finding the transition from island life to city life more difficult every year that we make this trip.  What more can you say about a lifestyle where the evening's entertainment is to go out to a lookout with the whole family to watch the sunset, or to the ocean to collect rocks and shells?  It may not be paradise for some people, but it is for me, at least for a couple of weeks every year.

As usual, photography at Grand Manan is fantastic, but you have to be prepared to photograph with rain and fog as constant companions.  June and July in particular are known to be months for fog, but I've been told by some of the Grand Manan-ers that I've talked to that August and September have more sun.  Hopefully we'll test out this advice the next time we visit.

As I go over my photographs from the island, I will be posting new images as they get produced, so be sure to check back here often over the next couple of weeks.

. . . Rob Williams