Sunday, March 28, 2010

Daily Shoot #ds133: Reeds against the sky

Reeds, originally uploaded by robertwilliams017.
Today's Daily Shoot assignment is "Backlighting in a scene can create drama. Make a photo with interesting placement of backlit subjects. "

I must admit that I had some trouble with this assignment. Today's weather in Ottawa was mostly overcast which doesn't make too many backlit opportunities. I went to a field close to my house where there were some reeds that I wanted to photograph. The stems of the reeds are almost glowing in brighter light, but it didn't look that way when it's overcast.

After taking a number of slow-shutter-speed photos of the reeds blowing in the wind, I decided to just get low down and photograph the reeds against the sky. I have a couple of different versions of this image showing the clouds, which are quite interesting themselves. But, I really liked this version where I overexposed quite a bit. The reeds become very ethereal, with only their form showing up against the light.

. . . Rob Williams