Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ice Patterns

This weekend was one of the few weekends where we had predominantly clear skys for the past several months, and since I was awake early in the morning (well fairly early), I went out to a local conservation area to see how many Canada Geese I could see.  There were a number of geese and ducks, but I guess I was too late in the day to see larger numbers.

Instead, along the banks of the Rideau River, there was a layer of melting chunks of ice along the shore, along with sheets of flat ice with crystalline patterns and frozen bubbles.  Here are some if the photographs from my visit.  More photographs can be found on my website.

Fantastic forms and shapes

Ice melting along stalks of grass

Frozen Bubbles

Mountains of ice crystals (actually about 6-7 cm high)

. . . Rob Williams