Monday, August 6, 2012

Great Brehat, Newfoundland

While we were staying in St. Anthony, we visited a number of small coves nearby in a search for icebergs and walking trails.  One of the most picturesque and rugged was Great Brehat, about 10km north-east of St. Anthony on the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland.

Great Brehat

You can see that the village is very protected from the ocean.  The wind was very strong when we were there, so it was quite clear that protection like this is necessary.

Boat under repair
My wife and I talked to a woman living in Great Brehat who was enjoying the warm weather (we were outfitted with warm jackets and windbreakers).  She told us that the name of the village was pronounced "Great Brayh" -- the "t" was silent.  I am wondering if it was named after Île-de-Bréhat, and island off the coast of Brittany.  Many of the place names in this area of Newfoundland are French (sometimes Anglicized).  

Fishing Stage
The landscape was beautiful and dramatic, and we both thought that this was one of the most picturesque places in this area of Newfoundland.

Rocky view of Great Brehat Bay

. . . Rob Williams