Monday, October 13, 2008

Recent Work: The last of the Barrhaven Barns

Barn at Jockvale and Greenbank

When I first moved into the Ottawa suburb of Barrhaven about 20 years ago, there were a number of barns on adjacent farms. It gave the community a distinctly rural flavour -- I enjoyed driving through farms to get home (I still do!). Not all of the barns were in use, but many were still in active use. Slowly the barns began to disappear -- I'm sure some of them were a safety hazard, but the community has grown tremendously in recent years, spreading onto farmland.

Recently, a barn was taken down on Jockvale Road, just beside a massive shopping center. For a long time I had wanted to photograph the barn, but it was difficult to find the right spot and lighting conditions. Unfortunately, I procrastinated too long.

This barn is located on Jockvale Road, immediately behind a shopping mall (it's literally only a few feet away). The mall was built right on top of the old Joackvale Road, leaving the farm and it's barn on an orphan bit of the road. I don't know how much longer this farm will still be in operation with all of the new development going on in the area, but I hope they stay a long time.

. . . Rob Williams